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Screenies Number 8

I really take too many of these. Most of them are achievements, some are funny, etc... but really. There's too many of them.

Oh I'm sorry, is my butt in the way?

The team minus one.. and minus the sex-change operation from the human on the right. :P

It was a lot of money spent trying to get this achievement, but it was worth it in the end. <3

The drake thinks so, too!

Our server's attempt at a mount line-up.

I actually got three achievements on this run; 'Lightning Struck' from General Bjarngrim was the first one.

I found it rather sad that I still had 150 Emblems of Heroism after I bought that mount...

Another failed attempt at a background pic. The saber's legs were always in the wrong position when I took the screenshots.

We got so lost during this, but managed to complete all the wings of Dire Maul successfully. I'm now their King. =D

I was surprised at how quick this process was, but it was still a pain in the arse, especially when other level 80s came into the place I was farming and stole all of my kills. :<

Best timing for an achievement, I'd say. The healer died shortly after I took this screenie, and thankfully the event didn't reset when we wiped.

I think this should be our slogan from now on: "If all else fails, have a naked dance party." None of my guildies offered to help us get through Heroic Steamvault, so we sat there idly for a while until we figured out what to do. (Again, missing one of the group.)

A little while before this, I had helped a tank in H CoS to get her drake from the timed event. Unfortunately, two party members (me and a Rogue) died right to the entrance of the Square and they ran ahead without rezzing us. I understand, waste of time, etc, but they needed an extra DPS in there with the 2ish minutes remaining.. and they didn't kill the Infinite Corrupter fast enough, so the drake didn't drop. Bummer.

A week later, the tank whispered me and told me she got the drake from a different run. She wanted to help me get mine, so we went through H CoS again. Another DPS didn't have the drake and rolled on it too, and he got it. I was disappointed, but moved on. The next day, she offered to run me through again. We got another group together and made it with an astonishing 5 minutes to spare, and I got my drake. <3 It's so awesome when people help out like that.

All four of those reps were completed in instances, lol. Well, aside from the Argent Crusade, but I got that rep after completing an instance and handing in the non-heroic daily for the token rep. :P

And our guild was up to no good for a while; we made plans to run through all the old BC raids, so here are two screenies from the runs I went to.

We DPS'ed him down so fast that we completely missed Phase 2 of this fight. ;)

These were incredibly tough fights... makes me wonder how in the world these level 70s could finish them. :\

And that's it for this week...