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Obsidian Sanctum 25 with a Twist Ending

So, just finished up a 25-man Sartharion run with a complete PuG. At first, I was a little skeptical of the raid leader/loot master, but he turned out alright. We started it with 24 people because the main tank apparently had yet to make an appearance. So we had a Warrior and a Death Knight tanking (I knew both of them; they're both incredible tanks). The raid leader complained that he didn't want to pay for the repair bill for leaving a drake up, and everyone was QQ about it.. we moved on.

Plowed right through the three drakes (while I DC'ed like no tomorrow - stupid crappy cutting-out internet), and in between the second and third drakes, I made the comment, "It's too bad you decided not to leave a drake up :(".. because I'm sure (even as a complete PuG) we could have done it.

First Sartharion pull, three of the DKs had Frost Presence on and Sarth kept aggroing them. The main tank was also running around, pointing the dragon every which way, which made the melee get tail whipped, which distracted most of the healers, which made the DPS run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to dodge cleave, and everyone completely missed the Fire Wall warning, so we wiped. Ouch.

Second pull went a little better. The Warrior tanked Sarth while the DK tanked the adds. All was going well until the first Fire Wall. The Warrior tank for some reason started moving closer to the ranged side of the platform, a Fire Wall came up on the left side, people were tail-whipped by Sarth, but apparently we pulled through. And then the Warrior tank pulled Sarth into the lava on the left side. He was like, 15 yards from the platform, in the lava, and everyone was screaming "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!" "BRING HIM BACK!!" yada yada. Finally the tank, with a bit of awkward maneuvering, moved Sarth back in a weird position (he was on the upper right corner of the platform when the tank finally stopped moving him) and we continued on.

So we get Sarth down to about 50,000 health when the tank dies. The adds are still erratic so the off-tank couldn't pick him up, so he went for the DPS around him. When he started charging to me, I ice-blocked and watched the horror as he killed the DPS one by one. I popped out of ice-block and hit him with a few frostfire bolts as he continued to kill off the DPS and healers. Finally, when he was at 1,000, he headed for me, and I had just enough time to hit him with Fire Blast before he got too close.

He goes down. I celebrate, and then look at the raid group...

Everyone was dead but me.

Everyone rezzes, stuff is handed out, and I DC right before they roll for the Satchel of Spoils and can't get back online for a good minute. QQ

So I didn't get loot, but I got to flash around that I was the last one standing, and that I was second on the DPS chart, underneath a Druid. ^^ YAY ME.