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An Introduction...

I've been playing World of Warcraft for many years. My boyfriend and I were convinced to try it by my sister, who gave us a free ten-day trial one night and told us to download the game. We did, not knowing what kind of world we were getting in to.

I started out creating a Night Elf Hunter character on my boyfriend's account. She made it all the way to level 37 in a year, though I took several extended breaks from the game in between. The logistics of the game were rather hard to understand, but I eventually grew to learn that: you could have more than one action bar, that not all pets are tameable, not every territory is friendly, and not everyone in-game is as nice as you'd expect.

In July of 2007, my boyfriend bought a new computer and decided to give the old one to me. We found out that you couldn't play on one account at the same time, and it was impossible to transfer one character to someone else's account if you didn't have the same name as them. So, after going out and buying the 'chest' with the normal game and the Burning Crusade expansion, I started my own account.

Enter my main character, Patchhy. I decided on green hair held up in buns, an adorable face, and three piercings on each ear. She's a Mage, and, you guessed it, a Gnome. So, together with my boyfriend, we began our journey to the long-awaited level 80. 

Three years later, I have too many alts to count, and many 80s. :D

On Norgannon (US) PvE Server:
Mayum - Level 61 - Draenei Death Knight

On Gnomeregan (US) PvE Server:
Patchhy - Level 85 - Gnome Mage
Thaio - Level 85 - Night Elf Druid
Disorderly - Level 85 - Draenei Hunter
Lorea - Level 85 - Human Paladin
Tourmaline - Level 85 - Draenei Shaman
Reiki - Level 71 - Dwarf Priest
Altaïr - Level 50 - Human Rogue

On Feathermoon (US) RP Server:
Altariana - Level 36 - Draenei Hunter

On Wyrmrest Accord (US) RP Server:
Truculent - Level 73 - Draenei Paladin

Feel free to add this journal to your friend's list. If you have any questions or comments, this post is the place to put them!


Patchhy's (New) Bucket List

Wow! Long time, no post. A lot has happened! I don't think I've posted since Cataclysm dropped. Oh well! I've began another bucket list of sorts.

Patchhy's Armory

Reputations To Do:

Ravenholdt: Currently 13769/21000 Revered. Approximately 100 quest turn-ins, which equals 500 junkboxes.
Booty Bay: 4585/6000 Friendly. Long way to go with Pirate killing.
Everlook: 4585/6000 Friendly. See above.
Ratchet: 2105/12000 Honored. Not such a long way to go with Pirate killing.
Darkmoon Faire: 11600/21000 Revered. Buncha dailies and turn-ins. Hopefully I can reach exalted next month, because with the way things are looking with Ravenholdt, I'll be exalted and only need this one rep for the Insane.
Stormpike Guard: 855/21000 Revered. Too many battlegrounds. I hate battlegrounds.
Silverwing Sentinels: 1089/3000 Neutral. Too many battlegrounds. I hate battlegrounds.
League of Arathor: 1420/3000 Neutral. Too many battlegrounds. I hate battlegrounds.
Avengers of Hyjal: 164/12000 Honored. Requires me to run Firelands, but I doubt people will take someone who doesn't know the fights!
The Aldor: 0/36000 Hated. If I am ever crazy enough to grind this rep (let's hope it never happens), it will probably be a lot less painful than the Bloodsail rep grind was.

Achievements To Do:

Got My Mind On My Money - 50,000g: Updates too often. I am past 39000 gold.
Glory of the Raider (25 man): Need Shocking! and that's it.
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 man): Have 6/17 achievements done. Hopefully more on February 25th with the Tumblraid Project.
Many PvP Achievements: Too many battlegrounds. I hate battlegrounds.

Patchhy's Cataclysm Bucket List

Patchhy's Armory

Reputations To Do:

1. Ashtongue Deathsworn: EXALTED
2. Keepers of Time: EXALTED
3. The Sha'tar: EXALTED
4. Zandalar Tribe: EXALTED
5. Ogri'la: EXALTED
6. Brood of Nozdormu: EXALTED
7. Hydraxian Waterlords: UPDATED 3678/12000 Honored. Approximately 25 runs of Molten Core (not counting trash, which will clearly drop the amount of runs significantly)
8. Booty Bay: EXALTED
9. Everlook: EXALTED
10. Gadgetzan: EXALTED
11. Ratchet: 4845/21000 Revered

Patchhy the Exalted!

Achievements To Do:

1. Got My Mind on Money: UPDATED 20526g, 38s, 62c / 25000g. If I ever go do Tourney dailies again, I can accomplish this in no time.
2. Twenty-Five Tabards: UPDATED 24/25. List under the cut.
3. Bloody Rare: UPDATED 7/20 Rare monsters killed.
4. Frostbitten: 2/23 Rare monsters killed.
5. Glory of the Raider: 8/17 10m Achievements, 5/17 25m Achievements. Should be able to complete if I put together a Naxx achievement run. 25m still needs Malygos.
6. Turtles All The Way Down: Fished up that damn turtle!!
7. A Mask For All Occasions: 18/20 Masks. Missing Male Night Elf and Male Gnome.
8. BB King: 0/5 Leaders pelted (I have to join a For The Alliance raid to be able to do this. I hate killing Patchhy, so I won't attempt this alone.)

More will come, I'm sure....

Twenty-Five Tabards ListCollapse )

Just felt like gloating...

Thaio has made it to level 50! I'm completely surprised that I've been able to get her levelled up so fast. The only other characters I have (or had) that are remotely higher levels are Altariana and my first character, Eilyse (both Hunters). Yes, I have Death Knights too, but I don't play them... I don't find myself too interested in the class.

Anyways, here's the screenie!

Sorry if I kill your friend's list, but it makes me really happy to have more than one character worth playing. =D


Patchhy's Been Up To No Good :O

Featuring Screenies number Nine.

I'm really not ready for this patch tomorrow. After successfully running Heroic Naxxramas only once, it's coming out and I don't have the gear to go to Ulduar. My new guild will probably be in it all week, which means I'll either have to pug Naxx or go back to the old guild and have to bear 25 minute afk's again. But, I can't control when it comes out. :P

Anyways, on to screenies.

Screenies Number Nine under the cut.Collapse )

And that's it for another screenies post.
I joined a new guild tonight!

Don't get me wrong, I love my old guild, Path of Honor; they're phenomenal people, they're kind, they're just fantastic. My alt will be in that guild forever, I just wanted Patchhy out for a while. I hate talking about why I left, but here's the jest of it. Crazy TL;DR, I'm warning you.Collapse )

Enter Omniscience...Collapse )

And tonight was the night.Collapse )

And so ends my really long, probably unnecessary story. I just needed to tell someone how I got invited, so here it is.

TL;DR: PoH wasn't working for me; they didn't have any enthusiasm towards raiding (too many 25-minute AFKs), even though they were an awesome guild. I ran a few achievement heroics with one guild who needed an extra DPS, was pleasantly surprised with them and asked about their raiding schedule. After an invite to a successful Maly 25 run, they invited my boyfriend and I to Naxx 10, which was scheduled for tonight. We sailed through it in 4 hours, and my devotion towards raiding, and knowledge that I was the only one who could save them (*heroic pose*) at one point, paid off and I got a sudden invite. Now here I am, a proud member of Omniscience.

X-posted to wow_ladies.

Thanks for reading!!

Screenies Number 8

I really take too many of these. Most of them are achievements, some are funny, etc... but really. There's too many of them.

Welcome to the pickings of the week.Collapse )

And that's it for this week...

Obsidian Sanctum 25 with a Twist Ending

So, just finished up a 25-man Sartharion run with a complete PuG. At first, I was a little skeptical of the raid leader/loot master, but he turned out alright. We started it with 24 people because the main tank apparently had yet to make an appearance. So we had a Warrior and a Death Knight tanking (I knew both of them; they're both incredible tanks). The raid leader complained that he didn't want to pay for the repair bill for leaving a drake up, and everyone was QQ about it.. we moved on.

Plowed right through the three drakes (while I DC'ed like no tomorrow - stupid crappy cutting-out internet), and in between the second and third drakes, I made the comment, "It's too bad you decided not to leave a drake up :(".. because I'm sure (even as a complete PuG) we could have done it.

First Sartharion pull, three of the DKs had Frost Presence on and Sarth kept aggroing them. The main tank was also running around, pointing the dragon every which way, which made the melee get tail whipped, which distracted most of the healers, which made the DPS run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to dodge cleave, and everyone completely missed the Fire Wall warning, so we wiped. Ouch.

Second pull went a little better. The Warrior tanked Sarth while the DK tanked the adds. All was going well until the first Fire Wall. The Warrior tank for some reason started moving closer to the ranged side of the platform, a Fire Wall came up on the left side, people were tail-whipped by Sarth, but apparently we pulled through. And then the Warrior tank pulled Sarth into the lava on the left side. He was like, 15 yards from the platform, in the lava, and everyone was screaming "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!" "BRING HIM BACK!!" yada yada. Finally the tank, with a bit of awkward maneuvering, moved Sarth back in a weird position (he was on the upper right corner of the platform when the tank finally stopped moving him) and we continued on.

So we get Sarth down to about 50,000 health when the tank dies. The adds are still erratic so the off-tank couldn't pick him up, so he went for the DPS around him. When he started charging to me, I ice-blocked and watched the horror as he killed the DPS one by one. I popped out of ice-block and hit him with a few frostfire bolts as he continued to kill off the DPS and healers. Finally, when he was at 1,000, he headed for me, and I had just enough time to hit him with Fire Blast before he got too close.

He goes down. I celebrate, and then look at the raid group...

Everyone was dead but me.

Everyone rezzes, stuff is handed out, and I DC right before they roll for the Satchel of Spoils and can't get back online for a good minute. QQ

So I didn't get loot, but I got to flash around that I was the last one standing, and that I was second on the DPS chart, underneath a Druid. ^^ YAY ME.

Umm, what do I say?

So I met this Druid tank through some heroic Culling of Stratholme run; the first run I had actually been through that we got to the Infinite Corrupter in time. He won the roll for the drake, big congrats went to him, whatever. We did try to organize some other runs for the rest of the party members so they could get their drakes, but it never happened.

A while later and a few more heroics runs with him, he decides he wants to help level my Alchemy up. It was sitting at 310 or some crazy number, so he was right; I needed to level it. Cue running around Outlands for herbs, runs through Durnholde Keep for the rep and Black Morass to finish the Elixir Mastery quest, and then 3-in-the-morning herb collecting to get me up to 450. I thought he was amazing to help me with this; he'd collect herbs and give me the mats, I'd make the elixirs and then give them back. Like, this was crazy nice - beyond crazy nice. I wanted to thank him a million times and give him things, but I had no clue what to get him, what he would like... etc etc. He just said that he was happy to help and that he got the potions back, so we were 'even'.

We did Naxx 25 together once; he said I blew his guild away with the crazy DPS I was putting out. (Ha. Me good at DPSing. Bull.) We tried Malygos 10 with my guild, but it didn't work out. There were a few more runs through heroics with him, lots of achievements, etc. Really, he was turning out to be quite the guy.

But tonight... he asked me to switch servers with him and create a Horde character.

I didn't want to. I love Patchhy; I would never be able to abandon her and start a new main. I have like, 10 other alts, but they're all sitting below level 36 because I have so much to do on Patchhy. I don't like having to put off her and level up someone new. Maybe this will change, maybe it won't. I doubt it will, because I'm so devoted to gearing her, getting achievements, raising reputation, collecting things, running heroics.. It will never change how much I love playing her.

I ended up trying a new character with him on Blade's Edge. I made a Blood Elf Paladin, and she made it to level 5 before I called it a night. And now I'm scared to tell the guy that she will never be touched again; that I'll forget about her and keep doing things with Patchhy. He said he'd nag me to get leveling the Belf, but I really don't want to. I like the guy, but he's getting too... close. And I'm scared of telling him that I have a significant other, because I'm beginning to think that he likes me 'that way'.

I don't know how to phrase things to him. So this is either a rant or a cry for help.

Help? :(


Screenies Version Seven

Been a while since I've posted. I keep forgetting to, hehe.

These next few screenies make me a happy Patchhy.Collapse )