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Patchhy's Cataclysm Bucket List

Patchhy's Armory

Reputations To Do:

1. Ashtongue Deathsworn: EXALTED
2. Keepers of Time: EXALTED
3. The Sha'tar: EXALTED
4. Zandalar Tribe: EXALTED
5. Ogri'la: EXALTED
6. Brood of Nozdormu: EXALTED
7. Hydraxian Waterlords: UPDATED 3678/12000 Honored. Approximately 25 runs of Molten Core (not counting trash, which will clearly drop the amount of runs significantly)
8. Booty Bay: EXALTED
9. Everlook: EXALTED
10. Gadgetzan: EXALTED
11. Ratchet: 4845/21000 Revered

Patchhy the Exalted!

Achievements To Do:

1. Got My Mind on Money: UPDATED 20526g, 38s, 62c / 25000g. If I ever go do Tourney dailies again, I can accomplish this in no time.
2. Twenty-Five Tabards: UPDATED 24/25. List under the cut.
3. Bloody Rare: UPDATED 7/20 Rare monsters killed.
4. Frostbitten: 2/23 Rare monsters killed.
5. Glory of the Raider: 8/17 10m Achievements, 5/17 25m Achievements. Should be able to complete if I put together a Naxx achievement run. 25m still needs Malygos.
6. Turtles All The Way Down: Fished up that damn turtle!!
7. A Mask For All Occasions: 18/20 Masks. Missing Male Night Elf and Male Gnome.
8. BB King: 0/5 Leaders pelted (I have to join a For The Alliance raid to be able to do this. I hate killing Patchhy, so I won't attempt this alone.)

More will come, I'm sure....

1. Private's Tabard
2. Tabard of Summer Flames
3. Competitor's Tabard
4. Tabard of the Explorer
5. Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade
6. Loremaster's Colors
7. Kurenai Tabard
8. Knights of the Ebon Blade Tabard
9. Kirin Tor Tabard
10. Tabard of the Argent Crusade
11. Wyrmrest Accord Tabard
12. Guild Tabard
13. Cenarion Expedition Tabard
14. Consortium Tabard
15. Lower City Tabard
16. Scryers Tabard
17. Sha'tar Tabard
18. Skyguard Tabard
19. Tabard of the Shattered Sun
20. Honor Hold Tabard
21. Sporeggar Tabard
22. Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari
23. Keepers of Time Tabard
24. Ogri'la Tabar

Don't Have:
1. Knight's Colors (3511 honor)
2. Stormpike Tabard (2678 honor)
3. Silverwing Tabard (2059 honor)