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I joined a new guild tonight!

Don't get me wrong, I love my old guild, Path of Honor; they're phenomenal people, they're kind, they're just fantastic. My alt will be in that guild forever, I just wanted Patchhy out for a while. I hate talking about why I left,

When my boyfriend was in PoH, he was blatantly being ignored. No one ever talked to him, no one responded to questions, and people ignored him when he said he'd run things with them. I don't know why they did this; I got this exact same vibe when I joined PoH too, but when they got to know me a little better, that feeling went away and they started to like me and invite me to things. I guess it was because I was on all the time and I helped when I could. That probably would have happened to him too, but he didn't wait it out as long as I did.

Some people in the guild had quit over the time I had been in PoH, and when they said they were leaving, it caused a commotion. So much that one of my first guild friends left because of said drama. She was followed by 2 people, but we got back on our feet. One of the people who left was the one who organized all the raids for us; without him, we stopped raiding for a bit.

Another person in the guild started inviting to raids again; I didn't really like going to them because they were late at night on Fridays; time I wanted to spend with my boyfriend. And since he wasn't in the guild, he couldn't come. I went to a few though... I wasn't too impressed with people's morale while running through. Some of the group members went AFK all too often - some for 25 freaking minutes! - and they didn't seem to show any enthusiasm for raiding. I understood though; a lot of PoH have families, children, meals to cook, etc, which are much much much more important than the game, but still. When I want to raid, I want to raid. Not sit there for half an hour while the last person came back from their AFK.

The last paragraph is the biggest thing that made me turn to search for another guild.

When I was sitting idly in Dalaran one day, someone posted in Trade looking for an extra DPS for a few achievement runs. I whispered them, and the runs began. These new people were geared, they were pleasant, they were knowledgeable, they were just... great.

We ran through H Nexus first, and I got Split Personality and Chaos Theory. Next was Violet Hold, and though we didn't get achievements there (I had them anyways), we plowed right through that. Then we did Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle - even though I already had those achievements already, the group wouldn't give up (so many re-tries on Skadi) until it was all done. We finished up the run in Old Kingdom, where I finally got Northrend Dungeonmaster after being in so many fail groups that kept saying "Oh, we'll do Aminatar after Herald..." and never looked back. I got Respect Your Elders and Volunteer Work from that; and it got me that much closer to my Glory to the Hero achievement.

I was so impressed with the way they organized these things that I asked them what their raid schedule was like later that night. They seemed to be everything I was looking for; raids every week, no rules about attendance, no loot council or DKP, and a generally friendly, helpful environment. And then they invited me to Malygos 25 to 'test' me out.

And, would you believe, we killed him. It took 5 wipes, but the Spell-Weaver went down, I became Champion of the Frozen Wastes, and they liked me. I told them to make their decision when they 'tested' my boyfriend out, as I was looking for a guild that would accept him as well.

Naxx began at 7:15 tonight. They did everything so fast! No 25 minute AFK's - hell, there weren't even any 5 minute AFK's! They knew what they were doing and walked us through; didn't mind that the boy didn't have working vent so I related everything to him and in the process missed half of everything he said (aside from the fracking static that made it impossible to hear as well), but did they seem to care? Nope.

Spider went down easily; there was a wipe on Faerlina because we couldn't kill the adds in time, and a wipe on Maxxena when we lost too many web victims, but it all went well. Plague was fine as well; Noth was a breeze, Heigan was a wipe at first but we mopped the floor with him the second time (I stayed alive again amg!), and Loatheb, though the fight took a while, was a cake walk.

When we got to Patchwerk I thought we were going to wipe because he didn't seem to go down fast enough, but we got him. I died on Frogger (again), we moved on, Grobbulus was amazingly easy because everyone knew where they were going, when they were infected.. amazing!

Gluth, though. A hunter who had never been to Naxx before (he might have had an alt that had already been, but he had been getting achievements all night) had to kite the adds and save us all. He died once and was battle rezzed to continue, but then he died again. Only having one Druid meant that our brez was used up and *someone* had to take the adds and kite them. So, being the only one who could CC them properly (afaik), I ran back, pulled them all, and started Blinking and Frost Nova'ing as best as I could. I died because I Frost Nova'd when Gluth was supposed to 'devour' everyone, but he didn't, so I lost my CC on them, they headed for me, and my Blink was on cooldown.

But, Gluth went down. When they asked who kited them at the end and the healer who was healing me told them, the tank I had run those heroics with whispered me and said 'drop your guild NOW, that gets an automatic invite.' I mean sure, they liked me enough with the Maly run before & were going to invite me already, but they were all blown away at what I did (Thinking back now makes me so happy that I knew I was the only one who could do it).

My boyfriend also got his invite; he was doing great during the run even though he was low DPS, but he was paying attention, he wasn't dying, and he was learning as best as he could for his first ever Naxx run. And they knew he wasn't geared, but from what we got out of Naxx tonight, he's almost as geared as I am now! He walked away with T7 pants, a T7 helm, and a cloak, so he's definitely going to do better now.

And so ends my really long, probably unnecessary story. I just needed to tell someone how I got invited, so here it is.

TL;DR: PoH wasn't working for me; they didn't have any enthusiasm towards raiding (too many 25-minute AFKs), even though they were an awesome guild. I ran a few achievement heroics with one guild who needed an extra DPS, was pleasantly surprised with them and asked about their raiding schedule. After an invite to a successful Maly 25 run, they invited my boyfriend and I to Naxx 10, which was scheduled for tonight. We sailed through it in 4 hours, and my devotion towards raiding, and knowledge that I was the only one who could save them (*heroic pose*) at one point, paid off and I got a sudden invite. Now here I am, a proud member of Omniscience.

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Thanks for reading!!