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Umm, what do I say?

So I met this Druid tank through some heroic Culling of Stratholme run; the first run I had actually been through that we got to the Infinite Corrupter in time. He won the roll for the drake, big congrats went to him, whatever. We did try to organize some other runs for the rest of the party members so they could get their drakes, but it never happened.

A while later and a few more heroics runs with him, he decides he wants to help level my Alchemy up. It was sitting at 310 or some crazy number, so he was right; I needed to level it. Cue running around Outlands for herbs, runs through Durnholde Keep for the rep and Black Morass to finish the Elixir Mastery quest, and then 3-in-the-morning herb collecting to get me up to 450. I thought he was amazing to help me with this; he'd collect herbs and give me the mats, I'd make the elixirs and then give them back. Like, this was crazy nice - beyond crazy nice. I wanted to thank him a million times and give him things, but I had no clue what to get him, what he would like... etc etc. He just said that he was happy to help and that he got the potions back, so we were 'even'.

We did Naxx 25 together once; he said I blew his guild away with the crazy DPS I was putting out. (Ha. Me good at DPSing. Bull.) We tried Malygos 10 with my guild, but it didn't work out. There were a few more runs through heroics with him, lots of achievements, etc. Really, he was turning out to be quite the guy.

But tonight... he asked me to switch servers with him and create a Horde character.

I didn't want to. I love Patchhy; I would never be able to abandon her and start a new main. I have like, 10 other alts, but they're all sitting below level 36 because I have so much to do on Patchhy. I don't like having to put off her and level up someone new. Maybe this will change, maybe it won't. I doubt it will, because I'm so devoted to gearing her, getting achievements, raising reputation, collecting things, running heroics.. It will never change how much I love playing her.

I ended up trying a new character with him on Blade's Edge. I made a Blood Elf Paladin, and she made it to level 5 before I called it a night. And now I'm scared to tell the guy that she will never be touched again; that I'll forget about her and keep doing things with Patchhy. He said he'd nag me to get leveling the Belf, but I really don't want to. I like the guy, but he's getting too... close. And I'm scared of telling him that I have a significant other, because I'm beginning to think that he likes me 'that way'.

I don't know how to phrase things to him. So this is either a rant or a cry for help.

Help? :(