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Screenies Version Seven

Been a while since I've posted. I keep forgetting to, hehe.

Let's start with the older ones that I haven't posted..

This was fun. Four of us wanted the Elder in Orgrimmar, so we got together and shoved our way through. Chixue and I didn't die, Elesta did, and Lev was left for dead after we all got the Elder and ran out. Lev did eventually get outside alive, but Elesta just rezzed at the graveyard. Good times. XD

Yay for new titles! These achievements maybe took me like, 3 days to get. That's what unemployment can do to you. D:

Another hint that I may play too much...

On to some Naxx screenies. All but two of these were with the guild.

Easy peasy Arachnid Quarter. This was taken on January 23rd; first ever guild run.

And the Plague Quarter on the same date.

The Military Quarter (probably my favorite quarter) a day later.

And the PUG run. A week or so before that, I joined a group that needed to take down Gluth and Thaddius, so I got the achievement from that. The guild run above killed Patchwerk, but we wiped on Grobbulus, so we called it and never went back to complete it. Hence why I got the achievement after killing Grobbulus. =3

And another PUG run that happened just last week. We were quick to down Sapphiron, but the three times we attempted Kel'Thuzad, the off-tank kept dying as he was kiting the adds.

On Friday night, I was running around Dalaran when Lev came over guild chat that I had been 'drafted' to come along to Naxx with them. They had gone through the Plague and Arachnid quarters and needed my help with the Military and Construct quarters, so I went with them. We couldn't get through the Four Horsemen because we were short a healer, so we killed Patchwerk and called it. On Saturday we continued on with the Construct quarter, then went back to kill the Horsemen. After that was all done, it was time for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad.

Totally one-shotted him. XD It was incredible. From that run, I managed to grab the Cowl of Winged Fear from Sapphiron, but the token for my T7 head didn't drop.

And here's the group all together..

On to Love Is In The Air. These achievements suck. I think it's stupid that you need to rely on pure luck to do these. But oh well.

The hardest race/class to find was a Troll Rogue. Someone spotted one just dancing right outside of Krasus' Landing and posted over Trade. I think it was funny that she knew a Troll Rogue was hard to find. XD

After gritting my teeth, QQ'ing, and just plain accepting that I wasn't going to get the title because I had gone through four bags of candy with no fracking 'Be Mine!', it finally happened. Five charges on the fifth Bag of Candy, and the title was mine.

Me hanging out on a lantern in Stratholme, flauting the sexy title. It's a secret how I got up there. :P

And speaking of titles...

THAT'S RIGHT. You read right, I got THREE achievements for one reputation. :P Beat that.


Feb. 17th, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
Grats! :D

And I love your character! She's so cute! It's inspiring me to make a gnome! :3